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Variety in your Vietnam Incentive Tour

Be it nature, culture or simply the bustling markets that you want to include in your incentive tour; Vietnam has it all, and more!


Vietnamese cuisine is as varied as the country. Lighter than Chinese delicacies - since made of rice, not wheat - and less spicy than Thai food, Vietnamese specialties are invariably praised by travelers for their freshness and taste.


The recent introduction to a free market economy has caused a boom in richly decorated gift shops. Silk clothes, (lacquer) paintings and a wide selection of handicrafts are all within reach at affordable prices.

Connections to Laos and Cambodia

Vietnam Airlines offers direct flights to Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, and to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (Angkor) in Cambodia, enabling a magnificent Indochina experience.

Improving Facilities

It must be remembered that traveling to Vietnam means traveling to a developing country. But since the introduction of the Doi Moi (open door) policy in 1986, facilities for travelers have improved enormously. With three international airports, Vietnam is ready to welcome the world. Roads are being upgraded, English is spoken everywhere you go. Without exception, modern, western-built aircraft are used by flag carrier Vietnam Airlines, which has in fact one of the youngest fleet in the world.

Something Extraordinary?

Client expect something extraordinary from their staff, dealers or associates. And want to offer something extraordinary in return. Then think of Vietnam, that inspiring Asian destination that is high on the wish list of so many travelers. Opened to foreigners just over a decade ago, Vietnam still has something that strikes the imagination.

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